I’ve had neighbors stopping by all day bringing food to fill up backpacks for kids who go home from school hungry on the weekend. One neighbor even just brought over flowers. Whenever I feel sad or sick about the world, I stop and focus on the people around me who are doing so much good. Yes, we absolutely have holes to fill. But there are a lot of good people shoveling and I want to be on their team ❤️🙏🏻

City by the Bay


Just mailed this commission off to sunny California ☀️ San Francisco means lots of things to lots of people. To them it was three years of dental school, early days of marriage, babies number one and two.... we never forget the places that made us grow, that began our roads. It’s such an honor for me to paint a little bit of that story that people can take with them ❤️



Transferring drawings onto boards today. Sometimes I get so lost in the details of drawing. I love the repetitiveness of making shapes, finding lines, and making decisions about what things to emphasize and what to let fade back. I love picking out highlights and shadows and thinking ahead to how I can make these seemingly insignificant pieces shine in the final painting. Being an artist is so much fun. 

Big Sister


I painted her and sold it and painted her again and gave it to her for Christmas. She’s such a thoughtful big sister in our family and is so observant of everyone’s needs. On this particular day, we were at a park while my youngest son had soccer practice. The older three brought bikes and were riding around. But this brother was still getting the hang of a two-wheeler and very tippy. I looked up at one point and saw this scene: big sister willingly parking her own bike so she could help her little brother learn to ride. She ran all around the park with him like this, encouraging in his ear, telling him he could do it. When she finally got tired, her twin tagged her out and kept running with him. There’s something about that right? For all the people that come in and out of our lives, there’s nothing quite like those family members that have been running alongside us the whole way, holding on when we need it, cheering on when we succeed ❤️❤️.

Art in the Home


I’m excited to be part of this really cool exhibit that opens this Friday! My friend @clint_whiting wondered what the influence of having original art in your home is? He took pieces from 14 local artists to homes that couldn’t typically afford original art in exchange for an object of their choice. Both the objects and the art will be displayed together as well as the participants’ responses about the effect fine art had on their home. Come join us at the opening reception! @utahartsandmuseums



I delivered this commission over the weekend to good friends who just moved out of this home. They went on to a bigger and better home and I’m so happy for them. But even when that’s the case, it’s hard to leave our old spaces. I think it’s because a little bit of our dna stays behind in the places we’ve lived. All of our footprints are still layered into the floors, our faces reflect back in the mirrors, our hands own a little bit of that sink where we washed so many dishes, our muscles earned the walls we painted, grass we mowed, weeds we picked, projects we finished. When your baby takes their first steps in a room, that carpet is part of your story. For the rest of your life, you tell memories of things that happened in those spaces. It might have been someone else’s before and it might be someone else’s now, but for a season it belonged to our history, and therefore it will always be ours. 

Diet Coke


This is another Christmas commission I did months ago. There was a sweet mother who shared a love of Diet Coke with her son. When he went to med school, she gave him a gas card to help him out and told him it would cover all the gas and Diet Coke he needed to fuel him through school, isn’t that the best? He graduated this year and this was her gift to him. She liked it so much she commissioned a second painting for herself.  These were so fun to paint, especially since I’m a fellow member of the Diet Coke fan club (also a member of the “January needs more yellow” club 💛💛)


Sister Scoot

I can finally post some of my Christmas commissions! Here’s one that was so much fun to work on!


Repost from @cynthiaeggertz using @RepostRegramApp - No ski school for our tots, just a rockin dad that taught all 4 to shred the slopes. Amelie was three at the time, and learning to ski sans poles. Often she would get “stuck” on the flat parts of the run, with no poles to help push her along. That’s when her older sister stepped up and gave her a “sister scoot.” Amelie would grab the back of Ella’s legs, while Ella grunted and pushed their way along until they reached the pitch of the slope and zoomed away once more. This sweet memory was captured by the amazing Stephanie Hock @stephaniehockart

To me, it captures an awesome moment. A moment of sisterly love, a moment of helping someone out when they seem a little stuck, and a tribute to the man I love for instilling a love of the snow and slopes in each of my kids.

Thank you Stephanie for sharing your talent with us and capturing this magical moment.

#stephaniehockart #utahartist #skisisters #sisterscoot #skiutah



I read a quote this morning that said, “Christmas is the way it is always supposed to be—childlike eyes (whatever ones age) filled with awe, twinkling with beauty, the family of humankind bound by love, and wonderful gifts for everyone... So we ought to be as young as we can be at Christmas and because of that nativity scene, there is help for us to be a little more childlike for the rest of the year as well. Purity and gratitude, wonder and delight—these are virtues we ought to maintain all of our life.” —Jeffrey R. Holland



[“Red Chairs” 6x6, sold] Here’s the thing about being an artist. So much of your time is spent by yourself, sitting in your studio, making your art, at your computer running your business. It’s liberating in its freedom, but can be lonely in its isolation. I have found so much joy in gathering with other artists. I love talking to them about the nuances of our work, listening to their ideas, laughing about the balance of it all. The longer I go down this road, the more friends I’ve made, and they are such a gift. Sometimes friendship feels like your favorite restaurant. Some come and go briefly, but the regulars have “their” comfortable corner and stick around for a long time. As evidenced by my growing wall of Christmas cards, good friends (a full restaurant of relationships) have made my life so happy. Thank you to every one of you who have been a friend to me—old and new ❤️❤️ 




Snow Friend


[“Snow Friend” 6x6, sold] The weather is saying we’re going to get a bucket-load of snow tomorrow, so I’m trying to get all my errands done today. Which has been tricky, hobbling through stores with my boot (I tore a couple ligaments in my ankle 👎🏻) trying to move as fast as I normally do before kindergarten pick-up. I’m running out of hours that my kids will be in school before Christmas, and somehow my list keeps getting longer. I love Christmas. But, do you know what my favorite part of Christmas is? The week after. Everyone leaves you alone, kids are happy with new things to play with, meetings and normal activities all stop and there's a quiet, restful bliss. So if you’re feeling as hectic as I am this week, here’s to next week when we can put our (bad or good) feet up! 💆🏻‍♀️ 🧘🏻‍♀️😴 #reality

Fueling Her Fire


[“Fueling Her Fire” 6x6, available at @davidericsonfineart] I’ve had over thirty jobs in my life. It started with babysitting neighbors, working at a title company, bagel shop and dry cleaners during my teenage years. In college I had jobs making pizza, vacuuming the bookstore, secretaries, call centers, house painting crews, photography assistant, front desk... one time I had a job that paid me five cents a flier to run around and put fliers on people’s doors (it wasn’t worth it). After college, I worked for the Points of Light Foundation (in DC) and got to fly all over the country and encourage youth volunteering. When I met my husband, I was working at a University as an academic advisor. It’s been a crazy road, and it is so rewarding to be doing my dream job now! I love every day I get to go into my studio and paint! But the thing about living your dream is that there are still times when it doesn’t look like a dream, it looks like a lot of work. I will always be grateful to every single one of my previous jobs that taught me the value of rolling up my sleeves and working hard. Sometimes it’s not ideal. But sometimes there’s beauty in the grit because it’s fueling the fire. It’s another brick in building the dream. It’s getting one step closer and then another step after that. And as long as I’m moving forward, that’s the dream to me.  

Spring in His Step


[“Spring in His Step” 6x6, available at the @saltandhoneymarket]  Three days ago I was carrying a box of wooden trains down to the playroom and dragging a pop up tent behind me. I was thinking of the third basket of laundry I needed to grab from the laundry room so I could sit and fold before I went to bed. I misjudged the steps and suddenly I was falling down half a flight of steps landing in a heap at the bottom with a throbbing sprained ankle. And just like that, every plan I had for the rest of the week changed. Funny how you don’t appreciate the spring in your step until suddenly you can’t step. But it’s been very humbling to see how the family I usually spend most of my waking hours serving has come to my rescue and served me in all the ways I need. And especially at this time of year, I think service is the secret that makes this season so joyful. I’ve been humbled to see it firsthand.