Snow Angel V


 [“Snow Angel V” 8x8, available at @davidericsonfineart] If you want a Christmas commission, now is the time to put your orders in! I love painting the stories of your families and capturing a moment that brings you joy whenever you see it on your wall! Follow this link: to get started and I’ll walk you through the process (it’s not intimidating!). We’ll find a photo you love and make a one-of-kind painting or drawing from it. And the best gift is you not having to roam endlessly around the store trying to find something they want and don’t already have... I’ve got your back 😉 What can I paint for you? 🎨

She Creates


["She Creates" 10x10, available] Tonight is gallery Stroll in Salt Lake City! I have new work at David Ericson (including this painting 👆🏻), I have drawings and paintings at Art Access for #art2go (see previous posts), I have work at 15th Street Gallery (where my friend Justin Wheatley has a show tonight), and I'm going to try to stop in to Anthony's Antique to see the Zion Art Invitational, which sounds like an amazing show. Hope to see you and your umbrellas out strolling too! (also, if you are out strolling in the rain, please appreciate how all the color and light reflects in the wet streets.. it's one of my favorite things to paint 😍 #wetstreetsalwaysplease)

New Paintings!


Just dropped off some brand new paintings at David Ericson Gallery including this one, "Anticipation" (24x36). Being an artist is so much fun and sometimes I pinch myself that I really get to do this every day for a job. Drop by the gallery and check them out!  And if you're REALLY lucky, you can listen to David teach you about art--the man is a rock star in the art world. It's my favorite part of visiting his gallery!

Little Fish, Big Pond


["Little Fish, Big Pond" 24x24, available] I sent my three little ducks off to school this morning, each with their own set of worries... I miss mom too much during the day, I'm nervous about my spelling test, I have no one to sit by at lunch. Sometimes the world seems so big, the problems so insurmountable, and we feel so small and helpless facing them. Sometimes I feel so small watching my children march off to face it all, I just want to pull them back to the safety of the nest. But we're better for stretching ourselves-- all of us. We're better for swimming off, heads high, into the big pond and being brave enough to believe that we can come off victorious in whatever it is we're trying. And more often than not, we do. Keep swimming, little fish (and big fish), the pond is yours. 

This is Us


Do you guys watch the show "This Is Us"? Holy cow, that show! We're binge-watching before it starts again in a couple weeks and just watched as they bought their first house. She had visions of three cribs lined up under the window and it got me all choked up, cause that's happened to me. In our first house it was the carpet in the hallway and I saw little chubby baby feet learning to walk up and down that stretch. It happened--my twins logged miles of their first steps in that hallway. In my current house, it was the upstairs landing outside our bedrooms where I saw us kneeling for family prayer every night and my giant kitchen counter where I saw my kids doing their homework while I made dinner. These scenes happen so regularly now, but they still cause a lump in my throat sometimes when I remember how I saw it during those first walk-throughs. The places we live our days become such sacred spaces. And the places where our humanity intersects and those shared emotions and experiences tie us all together (regardless of our differences) are pretty sacred as well ❤️❤️ #thisisus #lifeisallofus

Off the Grid


["Off the Grid" 12x12, available] I got so caught up painting this this morning that when I finally looked at a clock, it was 1:45. Oops. Sorry, kids, who might've wanted to have lunch today. That's okay, they were happily still in pajamas playing strong on one of the quietest days we've had all summer. Cause whether you're far away, or hiding out in your own house, sometimes it's really nice to be off the grid...

Open Road


 ["Open Road II" 16x20, available] Summer is often filled with road trips for us, and this year has been no different. I find that I'm often filled with two strong emotions as we get out on the open road. Excitement and anticipation for the adventure that's ahead of us, mixed with appreciation for how beautiful the journey is to get there. It's rarely without bumps along the way, but I enjoy so much that I would've missed if I was in too big of a hurry. I think of so many big moments in my life that have felt this way-- graduating high school, moving to college, starting new jobs, getting married, having babies. But I've felt it in smaller moments too, like when I set professional goals for myself and feel excited to see what I can do next and grateful for the little ways I'm learning to be a better artist. Like yesterday, practicing exactly how much paint I load up in my brush and remembering to refill sooner to get deeper, juicier strokes. There is always something to get better at. It's such a long road, but I love traveling down it, and I'm better for every mile further that I go. 

Five Little Ducks


["Five Little Ducks" 11x14, sold] Delivered this commission to my beautiful friend Katrina a couple days ago. She and her family love to go to Bear Lake every summer and enjoy one of the best vacation spots in Utah. We took our kids for the first time a couple years ago and it was heavenly. When you live in a land-locked state, you've got to take beaches wherever you can find them, right? I loved painting this cause it made me feel everything I love about summer ☀️ 🌊🏊🏻‍♀️🛶⛰