Baseball Fun


Owen (age 6) also chose to paint a baseball theme, but he wanted a picture of him playing baseball. He liked this one of him getting ready to steal third. Once again, I drew it and painted the person and he did the underpainting and everything but the person. He especially liked if I painted a color on the dirt or grass and then he’d take a palette knife and scrape it around. We had a lot of fun playing with texture. When we had it pretty good, we stuck the painting upstairs on our mantle and then spent a couple days looking at it, thinking. We had conversations about value and made the dirt lighter. The player had a red shirt and we changed it to yellow to help it pop more against the darker values of green around it. Owen was the kid who was most excited to get his painting done first. He was mad I had other deadlines over the summer and couldn’t start as fast as he wanted. When we finally did work, he was a careful and precise painter and was giddy at how each block got filled in and finished. He liked making the ivy on the fence really dark so it looked like Wrigley Field and loved painting his dream of really being a baseball player who was playing at Wrigley (I love how art can make dreams and memories so real). Owen titled his painting, “Baseball Fun.” Come see it this Friday at Art Access Gallery from 6-9:00 pm! 


A Cubs Playing


Dallin (age 4) chose to paint Wrigley Field for his painting with me. We took him there for the first time this summer and now he and his brother are ALL baseball ALL the time. He wanted the painting to show the pitcher, batter and his favorite Cubs player, Anthony Rizzo, who plays first base. I drew the picture, he painted the underpainting, I painted the people and he painted the grass and dirt (and kept thinking it was really funny to paint outside of all my carefully drawn lines). Dallin is a crack up and he made me laugh the whole time we painted. His favorite layer was the underpainting and by the final touches he was way more interested in his toys then working with me 😂. He named his painting “A Cubs Playing” and I love every inch of it. Come see it at @artaccessgallery this Friday! #backtoschoolartshow


Back to School Show


I’m excited to let you guys know about a project I’ve been working on! I got invited to be part of a show where the artists create works of art WITH their children. I asked my kids if they were interested and they started jumping up and down squealing. They each picked out something they wanted to paint and we’ve been working on them together, step by step. Mark your calendars for the opening on Sept. 21 at @artaccessgallery (6-9:00 pm)! These four are SO excited to stand by their art and tell you all about their paintings ❤️❤️❤️❤️




I remember when I got my first good bike. I remember the feeling of freedom, getting my own self to my piano lesson or friends’ house without having to wait for a parent. I loved riding my bike to school—I could get myself there in half the time and it came with built in air conditioning cooling me off as I rode. When I went to college I didn’t have a car and I remember the long walks home from the grocery store carrying all my heavy bags. I talked some people into doing me favors to get my bike up there and suddenly there it was again: freedom. I could get places and carry things easier and get exercise and escape in ways i desperately needed. Still today, biking is my favorite way to see a city when I travel. It’s both faster and slower at the same time and I love that. Would you believe I still have the same bike I got when I was twelve? I am long overdue for an upgrade, but grateful for every mile these tires have taken me on throughout my life. [“Three Amigos” available at 15th Street Gallery!]



 “I feel there is nothing more artistic than loving people” —Vincent Van Gogh. Amen, Vince, amen. And watching this musician close his eyes and play his heart out was love at first sight for the artist in me. It didn’t matter who was listening, he had music that had to come out of him and his passion was palpable. People are the best. [“Passion” 11x14, available]

Weekend Light


Just dropped off a bunch of new work at @15th_street_gallery including this one, “Weekend Light” 11x14. The inspiration for this painting came from a date night with my husband, just the two of us. A long meal with good food and uninterrupted conversation is about all we want in life.We sat and talked and talked while the sun slowly set and painted the room with that beautiful golden evening light. It reminded me of when we were dating and the whole room would disappear because we were only fascinated with each other. More responsibility and work is always ahead, but for this moment it’s the weekend and we’re punched out. 🙌🏻 ✨

Balloon Artist


A year ago I was on a dream vacation with my husband that left us plenty of time to wander and relax and soak up street vendors or appreciate the smell of the market. I paint so many pictures from vacations I take, because it’s when I slow down and enjoy humanity so very much. People are good, this whole world over, and it’s easy to see when you stop long enough to look them in the eye and listen to their story. [Balloon Artist, 8x8,  available at @davidericsonfineart]

New art!


Just dropped off several new paintings (including these two) to @davidericsonfineart just in time for @gallerystroll tonight from 6-9! David is having a $100-$200-$300 sale, so it’s a great time to stop in his gallery and see what he’s got! 418 S. 200 W. Salt Lake City. The sale is going for the next month if you can’t make it tonight. Check it out! #gallerystrollslc


Handed Down and Altered

I’m so excited to be included in the #handeddownandaltered project for the @mormonartscenter festival this month in New York City! This was the brainchild of artists @jkirkrichards and @rosedatocdall and included several of us taking inspiration from each other’s work and creating our own paintings on gold plates that will be linked together in a book. I kept seeing tree of life/fruit paintings, which made me think about the fruit being the love of God or charity. So I created five plates showing aspects of charity (from 1 Corinthians 13:4-8).

1. Charity Believeth All Things


2. Charity Hopeth All Things


3. Charity Beareth All Things


4. Charity Endureth All Things


5. Charity Never Faileth




Piano recital Monday, preschool carnival Tuesday, 2nd grade field trip Wednesday, preschool promotion today, kindergarten western program tomorrow and we’ll have made it through this crazy week! It’s a marathon as a parent, helping every kid with every thing, setting them up to succeed. And still, in moments like these, I always step back in amazement watching these smart, talented kids of mine grow up. They have so much goodness in them and sometimes I feel like I just need to get out of their way and let them shine. I sat at preschool promotion today and for the first time, had no smaller children I was trying to shush. My smallest child (who sat so stoic and reminded me of Forrest Gump the whole time 😂) was up there performing, reminding me I’m on the tail end of listening to four year olds shout zip-a-dee-do-da at the top of their lungs. They say most parents regret not enjoying the moments enough and, while I’m guilty of that plenty of the time, today was a day I savored. ❤️💔😭🤗 [“Not Boy, Not Man” 12x12, available at]