Father’s Day


Happy Fathers Day to all the good men who have protected us, provided for us, helped us fix things, forgiven us when we broke things, and taught us how to grow into healthy, strong people—just like them. And who tell awesome Dad jokes 😉. Lots of love especially to my dad @tbrowncreative7, my father-in-law @hock7716, and my husband and father of my children @adam.hock ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Working Mom


My boy got his tonsils out yesterday and today was rough for him. He felt especially vulnerable and didn’t want me to leave his side. Like other working moms, I feel like the toughest calls are when work deadlines and family needs hit in the same moments. How do you prioritize when they’re both important priorities? I’m grateful for the flexibility my work provides about where and how I work. I brought a table and easel up to the family room and alternated between painting and varnishing and sitting on the couch snuggling my son all day. We watched baseball together, I made progress where I needed and I was right next to him every time he needed another popsicle. It’s rarely ever a perfect balance, but I was grateful today worked out 💛 🎨 👩‍👦#reallife #momartist #womenirl


Delivered this commission this week (don’t you love that napping child buried up to their neck in the sand? My favorite part!) to one of my favorite women of all time. She is the matriarch of a large family of eight children and now so many grandchildren. Every year they all gather together at Newport Beach and have a big family reunion for a week (I’m still trying to figure out how I can sneak in... they won’t notice a few more, right?). Cristie LOVES being a mother and grandmother and wife and sister and friend and she radiates that deep love in all her relationships. She brings so much joy to the world and I want to be exactly like her when I grow up 🔆🔆🔆

Art Trade


I love painting favorite subjects over again! I always learn something new and it’s interesting to me to see where they’re the same and where they’re different. This one was for a trade with @kelly.seim.artist who I’m so sad just moved to Philly! 😫 Kelly and her husband Alan are the life of the party and always make us laugh. I’m SO THRILLED about the family portrait she painted for me (scroll to see!)! I surprised my kids and they were so ecstatic (“that’s ME!!”). This will be such a treasure for years to come. Thank you Kelly! Best of luck on your next adventure! I’m glad you got to take a piece of Salt Lake with you ❤️❤️


Keep You Safe


We've had a lot of wet, rainy days this spring in Utah. It's given me a lot of time to ponder the idea of shelter. I've been so grateful for the physical shelter and safe spaces I've found--umbrellas, pavilions, indoors--to provide haven during the storms (even the smelly reptile house during a rainy first grade zoo field trip). But it's made me think a lot about the way we create those emotional safe shelters for the people around us. Sometimes I'm the one giving it, but often I'm the grateful recipient of someone else holding an emotional umbrella out to me and letting me feel protected and dry for a minute while we wait for the clouds to pass. To the loving souls who continually offer me this kind of respite and safety, thank you ❤️❤️ [“Keep You Safe” 16x16, available]

Artists Roundtable


Here’s a secret about me: I’m actually a bit of a tech-geek 🤓. You know how stereotypical artists are the black sheep of the bookish world—too creative to be organized or stick to deadlines? I’m probably the black sheep of the art world—secretly in love with spreadsheets and mailmerge. But! I’ve learned a thing or two about how to use technology and tools to keep my art business organized (aka lower my stress) and I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned with you! This event is FREE! It will be this Wednesday from 6:30-8:30 pm at the @springvillemuseum. There will be four 25 minute rotations (swipe 👉🏻 to see the other dynamite presenters) and it is open for all creative professionals. Come ask me all your questions!




Here’s my second plate for #300plates this Thursday! There is something beautiful about the repetitive nature of practicing something over and over until suddenly it’s not hard anymore. I tell my kids a lot that learning something is like climbing up a triangle. One side is really hard, all uphill. But every step gets you closer to the top until you hit the click point where the thing becomes easy for you and then it’s like sliding down the other side of the triangle. It’s fun! And then you cross back over and you’re ready to learn something new. We just have to remember this triangular cycle and be patient with ourselves on the uphill side. We’ll get there. Keep learning and practicing 🔺🔺🔺 #300plates2019 @artaccessgallery

300 Plates


Getting excited for #300plates this Thursday! See @artaccessgallery for more details. I painted three plates this year and this is my first one. I’ll never get tired of freezing action shots and painting them. I love that suspended energy and anticipation. Plus kids jumping off diving boards just make the best expressions and gestures. Aren’t human bodies wonderful? Let’s celebrate ours as if we were still a kid who only wants to take their body out for a great adventure every day ✨ #300plates2019

Brought to You in Technicolor


I’m so excited to have work hanging at the Pioneer Theatre Company this month! The show is “Grease” and in keeping with the era, our art show is titled “Brought to You in Technicolor” celebrating the wonderful world of color. I’m excited to share the space with some great friends and fellow artists Rebecca Klundt, Brandt Berntson and Lindey Carter. Both shows open tonight and go until May 25. If you just want to see the art show, it’s open to the public free from 10-6:00, Monday through Friday. I’m going tonight and can’t wait!



Road Trip


I had lunch with some friends today who alwayslift my soul. I feel like whatever we’re taking about, they empathize with my feelings and also help me see the beauty in the situation. We have an inside joke that so many things we do may not be Pinterest-perfect, but we look at them and say, “it’s good enough.” And the truth is, they are! There is beauty in the chaos, the little things, the normal moments and even the things that go the opposite of how we hope. It’s all gonna be just fiiiiiine in the long run. I’m grateful for friends who aren’t just “good enough”, but the best kind of women out there, who laugh with me along the race. ❤️❤️ [“Road Trip” 8x8, available]

Art Market today!


Booth’s all set up and the market opens at 10:00 am today! If you’re out tonight during @gallerystroll they’ll be open until 7 tonight! Or 10-5:00 tomorrow. There are so many great products at this market and I even bumped into a friend from my past setting up her booth! I’m excited to come shop and support local makers. Hope you find something you love! @utahartmarket #utahartmarket




That They May Be Light


[“That They May Be Light” 30x40] This is another new piece that has a lot of personal meaning to me and I’m excited to share it with you! It’s a tribute to the women who bring me light through life’s storms and make them seem less gray. What a relief it can be to lean on all your sisters, right? I’d never be this far in my life without my tribe. This painting and others will be available tomorrow (10-7) and Saturday (10-5) at the @utahartmarket!  #utahartmarket


Wet Ducks


I have this feeling I’m entering my favorite stage of parenting. My twin girls are nine, my boys are six and five. We survived all those crazy baby/toddler years, everyone is potty trained! Everyone can get themselves ready in the morning, make their own lunches, buckle their own seatbelts. We really don’t use strollers anymore and no one darts in front of traffic or runs away from me in public. If we stay out late, they’re tired but not crying-tantrum-losing-it. If we go to a movie, I’m not strolling the halls with anyone, they stay in their seats and laugh. They’re so grown up, but still so small and sweet. They still think parents are the coolest people on the planet and choose family time over other things. They still love to cuddle with me and wrestle Dad on the floor, but they also wink and laugh with us when the world presents us with something funny (they get jokes!). They ask insightful questions and are patient enough to listen to answers and follow up with interesting thoughts. We can go to more mature events and they enjoy them. They help make dinner, unload the dishwasher, fold their own laundry. They take bike rides or runs with us and actually keep up. Who knew when you had kids that you’d really be creating your own posse of best friends to hang out with all day? Don’t get me wrong, they still fight (with us and each other) and we’re still all learning how to consistently be nice people. But I’m loving this chapter and savoring every day these little ducks still live under my roof. [“Wet Ducks” available this week at @utahartmarket!] (photo cred: @katrinaberg 😘😘)