State of the Art


Every year between Christmas and New Years my husband/business partner and I have a “State of the Art” meeting. It’s one of my favorite conversations we have all year. We talk about our business, what we liked about last year, where we should take it the next year, where to maximize energy/strengths, what shows I want to do, what goals I have in my painting, what I want to learn next, how to make the business side run more efficiently, what work I want to create... I love his wisdom and input and how much our counseling helps me define my directions. I get so excited for the next chapter and how I’m going to keep stretching and growing. “Business owner” is never a title I thought I’d have, but treating myself and my work seriously has opened up more doors than I ever imagined, and I’m so proud of how this little baby has grown over the past five years. Bring it, 2019! I’m excited for you!!