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I'm fascinated with how art tells the story of people. It continues to be a favorite theme in my work-- watching individuals or groups of people unposed, living their lives. I find beauty and meaning in what our ordinary gestures tell about our feelings, relationships, values, humor and our society as a whole. 




Stephanie Hock grew up in Murray, Utah. She loved watching her mother draw and was fascinated that she could draw anything. When Stephanie was thirteen, she watched her mom work hard to finish her bachelor’s degree in fine art (while pregnant with her seventh child). Her love of art and motivation to reach for her dreams inspired Stephanie to do the same. She graduated from Utah State University with a bachelors in Visual Art, but struggled to find her rhythm as a painter. Two years after graduation (and less fulfilling office jobs), Stephanie met her husband who gave her three tubes of paint as a wedding present. He encouraged her to find her artistic voice, and through workshops and artist mentors, she finally did. Stephanie is thrilled to be living the life she always dreamed—being a professional artist and being a mother. She can’t imagine how it gets any better. She and her husband live in Murray, Utah with their twin girls and two sons. When she’s not busy painting or mothering, she enjoys pursuing her other loves of photography, writing and reading.