State of the Art


Every year between Christmas and New Years my husband/business partner and I have a “State of the Art” meeting. It’s one of my favorite conversations we have all year. We talk about our business, what we liked about last year, where we should take it the next year, where to maximize energy/strengths, what shows I want to do, what goals I have in my painting, what I want to learn next, how to make the business side run more efficiently, what work I want to create... I love his wisdom and input and how much our counseling helps me define my directions. I get so excited for the next chapter and how I’m going to keep stretching and growing. “Business owner” is never a title I thought I’d have, but treating myself and my work seriously has opened up more doors than I ever imagined, and I’m so proud of how this little baby has grown over the past five years. Bring it, 2019! I’m excited for you!!

Santas workshop


The studio’s feeling a lot like Santa’s workshop these days as I’m working as fast as a little elf, spinning up magic for wonderful girls and boys ✨ It’s such an honor to play a small role in the love everyone is showing each other at Christmastime. ❤️🎄🎁❤️ (and thanks to everyone else who’s patiently waiting for that love until after January 🙏🏻)

Snow Family


 [“Snow Family” sold] As if this season wasn’t crazy enough, my family and I decided to swap around some rooms in our house. The kids moved their favorite toys to a new playroom in the basement (the rest are sitting in my family room waiting to be thrown away or donated 🤦🏻‍♀️), my husband moved his office from the basement to my old art studio (just in time for finals week 🤦🏻‍♂️) and I moved my art studio into the old playroom (right in the thick of deadlines and shows 🤦🏻‍♀️). It was probably the worst timing ever. But, the dust is finally settling a bit and everyone is loving their new spaces! Especially me, since I now have DOUBLE the space and can work so much more efficiently! But my favorite thing about the new bigger space is how much better it can accommodate the people I love. Yesterday I was working and one by one, each of my children wandered in, found a little nook of their own and expanded the energy with their own light and creativity (some I even put to work and taught what “unpaid internship” means 😂 it’s okay, I’ll pay her in all these amazon boxes that keep showing up on my porch...). I love being able to work in my home and mother at the same time. Both of these roles are so important to me and I still pinch myself that I get to do all the things I love ❤️ Thank you to every one of you who makes it possible! And thank you again to everybody who ordered something during the flash sale! I’m so excited to paint all of your stories!


Alpine Art


Friday is my last show of 2018! What a fun year it’s been! This show is with one of my favorite galleries @alpineartframe, which is also where I had my very first show ever. I painted these two snow paintings for them (angel is 10x10, sledding is 12x12). It’s a group show with lots of fun artists and is part of @gallerystroll from 6-9! Come check it out! My husband and I are going to drop in our way to @jimgaffigan 🖼+🤣=❤️

$100 Sale!


Last night was so much fun! Thank you to everyone who came!! I feel sorry for anyone who came to my table hoping to get a painting after they were all sold out. So, as a special thank you, if you contact me in the next 24 hours (DM or email I’ll honor the sale price of a 6x6 inch painting for $100. You choose the subject! And the offer is open to anyone, even if you didn’t make the show! Joy to the world! ❤️🖼❤️

100 Dollar Show


It’s gray outside today, but I’ve got all your happy color right here! Come hang out with us at the #100dollarshow tonight at the @springvillemuseum! It goes from 6:30-8:00 and there’s plenty of great art, even if you can’t get there right at the beginning. Check out my stories for close ups of each painting! This year I’m bringing several original acrylic paintings and several original ink paintings. I love the bright colors and I love the simple elegance of just lines and values. Hope one of them speaks to your heart as well ❤️


Face First

One more that I’ll have tomorrow night at the #100dollarshow! This one’s called “Face First” and has such delicious textures in the thick snow. I painted this from a photo of my son who kind of goes face first into every situation. Every family has that kid who comes up and sheepishly says, “Somehow my pants accidentally ended up in the toilet” with a crooked face, and he is mine. 🤦🏻‍♀️/❤️ allllll day.

1869 Face First 6x6.jpg



Thank you so much to everyone who came to the #135show last week! That was so much fun, wasn’t it? There was a point at the beginning I got trapped in a corner and had to crawl behind my booth and come out the other side 😂😂 But, all those fun people FOR THE LOVE OF ART!!! It makes my heart so happy to see the excitement for owning original art! You guys are the best! For any who couldn’t make it, I listed what I have left in my shop ( and will even honor the 1-3-5 sale prices for the next few days. Check it out! And thank you @utahartmarket for putting on such a great show 👏🏻❤️ [“Teaching” 8x10, available]

Walk beside me


Tonight is the night of the #135show! Hope to see you there! This painting came from a photo I took one day when my family and i went downtown and walked around to enjoy the fall. Every street was in full splendor and the colors were breathtaking. I used a palette knife as I painted the leaves and had so much fun capturing some of that texture and those shapes of color. Come see it tonight at the show! [“Walk Beside Me” 11x11, available] @utahartmarket #utahartmarket



The Vineyard


I think parenting is a gardener’s game. Sometimes I get so frustrated when I don’t see results automatically, and my patient husband reminds me it takes a lot of repetitive and careful nourishing day after day, week after week before we see the fruits. I tend to kill everything I actually plant in my garden and I’m hoping that analogy doesn’t translate over to my parenting (but some bedtimes.. 😵). This is my pep talk to myself to trust the seeds I’m planting and find beauty in small, noticeable growth that I catch glimpses of 🌱 If i keep at it, someday I’ll see the full harvest, right? [“The Vineyard” available at the #135show this Saturday! @utahartmarket] (thanks for the great reference photo @mcdaddyx6!)

Zions Art Show


I had so much fun at the Zions Bank Art Show last night! I was especially honored to be the featured artist this year! It was so fun to see my painting on the invitations and name tags and signs all night. I still feel like there’s a young girl inside of me that wasn’t sure anything she painted would ever be good enough to show anyone. And then you have a night like this that just marks how far down the road I’ve come. It’s so humbling. I loved talking to people all night and hearing collectors tell me how my paintings have changed their spaces. Buying art is such an investment in yourself, in your own future happiness every time you see it, and it’s a privilege to play any small role in that. My heart is full ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you to everyone at @zionsbank!! #zionsbankartshow




 [“Variety” 6x6, available at the #135show on 11/10!] October has been such a busy month for me getting ready for fall shows! Every year I tell myself I’ll use my summer better to get ready for the busy fall art season. And every summer I paint some, but I’m also so busy making memories with my kids that I don’t get in my studio as much as I think. C’est la vie, right? But honestly, my kids are growing way too fast as it is and I wouldn’t trade a minute of the time. When I start counting how many summers I have left of their childhood, I just want to scoop them all close and not let go. But I have also found there is beauty in each stage of growth and I trust that will continue even when my babies are adults and I have all the studio time I want. 🌱💐🌷🍂