Primary Children’s


Some prints of my paintings were installed yesterday at Primary Children’s Medical Center @primarychildrens. They are such a wonderful hospital and I’m so grateful for the good services they’ve provided when my children have needed it. Hope these bring a little light to people going through a difficult time 🙏🏻🙏🏻 (thank you @alpineartframe).


Canvas print


Recently delivered this gallery-wrapped canvas print to a client (it was so fun to have this painting at my house again for a few days! 👋🏻 hi old friend!). This is such a fun way to get your hands on a painting that might have already sold, or if you’re looking for a more economical way to put art on your walls. We reprinted this one the same size as the original and it looked great! Let me know if I can print one for you! ❤️🖼❤️



 [“Solo” sold] I got a new bike for Christmas and it was finally warm enough a couple days ago that I could take it out for a ride. It was bliss. Recently, I made lists of what makes my body feel good, my spirit feel good and my soul feel good and set a goal to do one in each category on a daily basis. Biking might be good for my body, but it does something deep down for my soul. ❤️🚴🏻‍♀️❤️

Empty & Filled


[“Empty & Filled” 8x10, available in the shop

This painting is the first one out of the last thirty I’ve painted that hasn’t already been sold, that I painted just for me, just because I wanted to. Fittingly, it’s titled “Empty & Filled” which matches a question I’ve been pondering a lot lately—what empties me and what fills me? The answers are as varied as the context—personal, professional, in relationships, where I volunteer to put my time and energy.  I feel so sensitive to making sure I make space to fill my soul with things just for me, just for my happiness and health. And then when everything else comes to take—whether it’s dishes to do or a project I’ve committed to or people who need my attention— I have something to give. Paying attention to this has given me the added bonus of watching for those around me who might seem empty. It’s become a secret goal to see if I can do anything to fill them, even just a little. I’m amazed at how small things like a hug or listening to them talk about themselves or taking their coat or holding a door have brought a smile. Which, turns out, fills me up too. What do you do to make sure you’re filled?



 [“Hustle” sold] Worked on new pieces in the studio this morning, met my friend and fellow artist @miriamtribe for lunch and had a great time talking about all things art, delivered several paintings (including this one) to a collector this afternoon (and got to go on a tour of his fabulous collection) and now it’s time to take my kids to the dentist. Life is nothing without the hustle, right? They’re busy days, but I love all the work I get to do and the people I share my days with ❤️❤️❤️


Gallery Stroll this Friday!


I dropped off some original ink sketches at @15th_street_gallery last week and they will Be part of #gallerystrollslc this Friday! (They’d also make some great last minute valentines gifts that will last longer than chocolates or flowers, if you need that sort of thing 😉)


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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, if you’re still looking for gift ideas for your loved ones check out these sketches by Stephanie Hock! .



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Painting snow inside while surrounded by snow outside ❄️❄️❄️ I got this new little easel for my small paintings. It was made in Italy and my husband keeps teasing me cause I can’t stop smelling it. Something about the oil and wood just smells like my favorite pizza parlor and let’s me pretend I’m painting in a studio in Florence or somewhere 🇮🇹

First Dip


I got asked to paint this sweet picture of these little twins first dip into the ocean. I was painting the shapes of their little bodies and it brought back all my memories of holding my babies—how they’d slump into a crescent curve, how one stray leg would stretch long and straight, how I’d use my body to support their heads but lean them out to show them the world. We were JUST barely there, this family of four, these new parents who were just as clueless as the babies we held. It’s amazing how fast it goes (as we all say). Our twin girls are nine and tonight we’re taking just the two of them downtown to see their first broadway show (Wicked 💚💚). We’re still the same four-pack, but older and wiser, each of us. And I love every single day that has shaped our lives, the sweetness of back then, the mature things we get to enjoy now. Life is full of so many first dips and it’s wonderful to hold hands with people you love as you experience them. ❤️ [“First Dip” 6x6, sold]

New in 2019!


I got interviewed recently and asked what things I’m excited for in 2019. Here are three: 1️⃣ I have a new studio! I have double the workspace as well as my computer/printer/desk in my studio now. It is awesome and I am already feeling increased productivity as I jump around from project to project. 2️⃣ I have a pile of books about figure drawing that I’m excited to read/work through! I somehow never took this class in all my art background and I’ve wanted to get better at it for some time now. Hooray for always learning! 3️⃣ At the end of last year I painted something from an aerial perspective and it was so interesting to me. I’d like to keep playing more with this composition angle, and have already started a few new ones. Hopefully I can buy a drone camera at some point and really get some cool shots! ❤️ Thanks @15bytes @utahartists and @emilylarsenart for the feature! You can read the article here:


State of the Art


Every year between Christmas and New Years my husband/business partner and I have a “State of the Art” meeting. It’s one of my favorite conversations we have all year. We talk about our business, what we liked about last year, where we should take it the next year, where to maximize energy/strengths, what shows I want to do, what goals I have in my painting, what I want to learn next, how to make the business side run more efficiently, what work I want to create... I love his wisdom and input and how much our counseling helps me define my directions. I get so excited for the next chapter and how I’m going to keep stretching and growing. “Business owner” is never a title I thought I’d have, but treating myself and my work seriously has opened up more doors than I ever imagined, and I’m so proud of how this little baby has grown over the past five years. Bring it, 2019! I’m excited for you!!

Santas workshop


The studio’s feeling a lot like Santa’s workshop these days as I’m working as fast as a little elf, spinning up magic for wonderful girls and boys ✨ It’s such an honor to play a small role in the love everyone is showing each other at Christmastime. ❤️🎄🎁❤️ (and thanks to everyone else who’s patiently waiting for that love until after January 🙏🏻)

Snow Family


 [“Snow Family” sold] As if this season wasn’t crazy enough, my family and I decided to swap around some rooms in our house. The kids moved their favorite toys to a new playroom in the basement (the rest are sitting in my family room waiting to be thrown away or donated 🤦🏻‍♀️), my husband moved his office from the basement to my old art studio (just in time for finals week 🤦🏻‍♂️) and I moved my art studio into the old playroom (right in the thick of deadlines and shows 🤦🏻‍♀️). It was probably the worst timing ever. But, the dust is finally settling a bit and everyone is loving their new spaces! Especially me, since I now have DOUBLE the space and can work so much more efficiently! But my favorite thing about the new bigger space is how much better it can accommodate the people I love. Yesterday I was working and one by one, each of my children wandered in, found a little nook of their own and expanded the energy with their own light and creativity (some I even put to work and taught what “unpaid internship” means 😂 it’s okay, I’ll pay her in all these amazon boxes that keep showing up on my porch...). I love being able to work in my home and mother at the same time. Both of these roles are so important to me and I still pinch myself that I get to do all the things I love ❤️ Thank you to every one of you who makes it possible! And thank you again to everybody who ordered something during the flash sale! I’m so excited to paint all of your stories!


Alpine Art


Friday is my last show of 2018! What a fun year it’s been! This show is with one of my favorite galleries @alpineartframe, which is also where I had my very first show ever. I painted these two snow paintings for them (angel is 10x10, sledding is 12x12). It’s a group show with lots of fun artists and is part of @gallerystroll from 6-9! Come check it out! My husband and I are going to drop in our way to @jimgaffigan 🖼+🤣=❤️