Little customer

I've been painting up a storm getting ready for the Utah Art Market (one week from today!). I was contemplating the shading of a purple pear, when a little voice came up behind me, 

 "I'd like to buy your art. I brought my money."


let's just say, it melted me.  

I worry about the balance of being a busy mom to small ones and being a busy artist, trying to grow my career. But it warms my heart to see how much my children love me painting. They are so supportive, and regularly comment on what I'm working on or get excited by what I'm painting. If I ask my (four year old) daughters what they want to be when they grow up, their first answer is always an artist. I love that. Mostly because whether they turn out to be an artist or not, I want them to believe that they can accomplish their dreams. 

And maybe watching their mother achieve hers will help with that.