So, one day I'm checking Instagram and came across a picture my friend @brynnebf posted at the beach. I fell in love. It was colorful and beautiful in such a simple way. I loved the story of this mom enjoying a sunny day at the beach with her little kids while they were so sweet and small. I asked if I could paint it and she said yes and here we are.

Which kicks off a fun idea I've been playing with. Do you have an Instagram account? Can I paint your pictures? I love the beautiful I see in all of your lives. If you have a good photo, include me (@stephaniehockart) and the hashtag #paintingsforsteph in the comments and I'll find them (if you're private leave a comment on my page so I can follow you). I can't guarantee I'll paint them all, but I'm gonna try to do as many as I can. So fun! #stephaniehockart