Back to Work


After a crazy December, I gave myself a nice, long holiday break from work. I played with my kids and all their new toys, cleaned out my studio, read books, lounged on the couch with my husband sipping hot chocolate and watching tv on dvd... it has been so refreshing. It's wonderful to be so busy and everything last month was so fun, but it's nice that it isn't that crazy all the time. 

I also took time to go through my zillions of photos and find new paintings. Man, there are so many great stories I'm excited to paint! I love photography, and take waaaaay too many pictures all the time (both on my phone and my nice camera), but I feel better about it when it also feeds my work. People like to ask me what I paint, I think hoping to put me in a nice, clean category (landscape, portraiture, etc). The truth is, I paint any scene I find inspiring. Sometimes it's landscapes or people, sometimes it's a pile of toys. I keep eyeing the picture in this post and thinking I definitely need to paint my tubes of paint. I've always said my favorite artists could paint a pile of garbage and I'd love it. Because, at the end of it, it's all just shapes of colors and the way the light hits them, right? I'm endlessly fascinated with how beautiful light and color make our world. 

Get ready to see some fun, new work in 2015! Off to my easel!