An investment in the next step

I've struggled to find my groove again with painting ever since summer ended. Summer was so wonderful and fun and full of things and people and trips and it changed how I worked. As September started and my kids went back to school, I was excited to get back to my regular work schedule. I expected that it would take a little time to find our new normal, but the slump's been longer than I thought. Dance lessons, t-ball games and my husband working later hours for a couple months have all contributed to the difference in productivity and my work hours have taken a hit. I've known that running an art business right alongside running a growing family would be difficult. So these challenges are expected, but it's such a game every new season to find my footing and not lose my balance. To keep the good things I had going still going and be flexible to everything else. I was talking about this to my friend, Cristall Harper, and she wisely said, "One hour at a time is an investment in the next step." I loved it so much, I stuck it on my studio wall and I remind myself of it often when I'm getting stressed about my progress.


It's been a month, October is here now, and I finally feel like I'm adjusting to my new rhythym. The only person I need to compare to or worry about is myself, and as long as I'm still walking into my studio every day, I'm doing okay. Every bit of work is an investment in the next step.