Rolling Freight Train



"Rolling Freight Train" I was driving my daughters home from dance and got stopped by a train. Normally we roll our eyes at the delay, but that day, I looked out the window and enjoyed it. There was this moment with a red car and yellow car next to each other against the blue sky (oh man, I love the primary colors), and the way the light and shadows were hitting the snow, and the composition of all those converging diagonals and interesting triangles… I paint the whole world with my eyes and only a handful of them ever make it to the canvas. There is beauty everywhere. 

While I was sketching this, I was listening to Imagine Dragons new album and couldn't help putting "Polaroid" on repeat (the title comes from this song). I am so fueled by good music, good writing, beautiful photos, clean design, etc. Isn't it beautiful how one artist's creation can inspire another's and how the whole world is better when we each create our piece of the puzzle?