One Step at a Time


"One Step at a Time" | A few weeks ago, at our family reunion, there was a room of single beds that all the girl cousins slept in. I know my five-year-old twins like to stay up and play, so I stood at the door and listened. Every little girl was silent. Except my Lucy. "Psst! Jenna! Jenna! (her twin) lets get up and jump on the beds!" Jenna did a great job ignoring the temptation and eventually I pulled Lucy out. In my sternest mom-voice I told her she could either quietly go to bed in the cousin room, or she'd have to sleep on the floor in mom and dad's room. She sighed deeply and said, "Mom, I know the future and I'm just gonna be loud. I'd better sleep in your room" and trudged back to get her pillow. Ha ha! Oh, parenting. You are never a boring occupation.