For My Dad


"All These Places Have Their Moments" | Today is my dad's birthday and I gave him this painting. My dad has been such a huge supporter of my art career and I'm so grateful to him for that. He's given me business advice, shared all my posts on facebook, talked to everyone he knows about my work, and has taken hundreds of reference photos (like this one) for me on his travels-- so many places that I may never get the chance to see myself. I love my dad so much, he is so deeply invested in his family and does all he can to support and help us. My dad is the biggest Beatles fan I've ever known and I kept thinking of this line (the title) while I was painting this. His life has been full of so many wonderful places that have each had their moment, their stamp on his story. He's been an important teacher to me to appreciate the moment, learn what you can, and remember the good as you go forward to the next place. I've always loved that about him. Happy birthday, Dad!