Being home


My twins started kindergarten last week. A girl at school made fun of one of my daughter's outfits the other day (not this one) and said it was too fluffy and she looked like a baby. I really wish I could protect my kids from every unkind thing that could happen to them. It's so hard. But even more than that, I want to equip my kids with the tools to deal with an unkind world, because it will only keep happening all through adulthood and the sooner they know how to handle it, the happier they'll be. We had a great discussion about how to react in these situations, how to say "thanks for your opinion" and shake it off, how to like yourself and be confident regardless of what others think. And how to have compassion when other people have hurt feelings, cause you've been there too. I listened to Jenna and her giggle all afternoon and felt so grateful that home can be a sanctuary for them, a place to recharge so they can go back out and face it all. I really, deeply love being a mother and being here to nurture these little souls as they figure out how to navigate the world. And I love that being an artist allows me to be home when they need me.