Nine years


Nine years ago today, I was headed up to Park City with my sister and some friends for a free concert. I had invited a couple friends who also invited a couple friends and we ended up with a hodge-podge group of people that I mostly knew, but didn't know each other. I was concerned trying to host and make sure everyone was having fun, that I didn't pay much attention to the wild card I didn't know, Adam (behind me in the gray scarf). But it turned out, Adam kept pleasantly surprising me by making me laugh really hard. I found myself drawn to him all night and he made me relax and have fun. I was surprised someone so attractive could also be so nice.  The night ended too quickly and as he got in the car with our mutual friend, Joe, I found myself hoping we'd hang out again soon. As Adam and Joe drove down the canyon, Adam commented, "That Steph girl was really cool." (YAY!!) Joe responded, "Yeah, too bad she's like 30." The truth was, Adam and I were the same age, 24, and Joe mistook my maturity for being really old (ha ha! And 30, how ancient...). I came home, hung this picture on my bulletin board in my room and would often look at it over the next couple months and wonder, what ever happened to that hot Adam guy...?