I've been at this long enough to know that I have to be flexible about when I get my art hours in around my family, and that every time their schedule changes (school, lessons, etc.) my schedule will change too. I know this, I anticipate it, but I still feel like I hit a huge rut whenever it happens. Summer has been so fun for us so far, but I've hardly had any studio time. While that frustrates me on one level, I am learning to see beauty in it on another. Because all this living we're doing instead of working brings life right back into my work. The interruptions are making me hungry and that's a much better feeling than being burned out of creativity. So, just like when the ocean pulls back and you see a bunch of treasures to gather before it all comes flowing back, I'm out soaking up life treasures in my camera and in my soul. All of these beautiful scenes that are surrounding me outside the studio are feeding my creativity and making me excited for when I can get back in the studio regularly.