Just finished this little 6x6 inch painting, "Parade." One of our favorite 4th of July traditions is watching the parade. My kids all bring their buckets and stand all cute on the road, waving their little hands (they've learned that waving gets them more candy). They race frantically as every handful is thrown and try to scoop up all the pieces before the other kids get them. This year I was really impressed at how well my six year old twin girls took care of their three and two year old brothers. They made a point to help put candy in their buckets before they put them in their own. When the floats pass, they all gush over the colors and characters, when the marching bands pass, everybody dances. My favorite are the bagpipes, since my Grandpa was Scottish and always loved them. Everyone goes home feeling so festive and happy and it's such a fun way to start one of our favorite holidays.