There To Catch


"There To Catch," 8x8 | My twins, my oldest kids, are off at their first day of first grade today and it's turning me into a sentimental puddle back at home. I put them in different classes for the first time, and while I know it will be good for them, I find myself wondering all day about how they're doing on their own. Did I pack enough for lunch? Did they find a friend yet? Are those new shoes giving their feet blisters? I feel so much confidence in the strength and capability of my children. But I am their mother. And no matter how old they get, my job--which I take very seriously--is to be there to catch them. And so here I sit at home, making cookies and getting glasses ready for milk so that when they run in the door, bringing whatever the world handed them today, I will be ready with a soft place for them to land. (P.S. This painting will be part of my solo show in September. I'd love to send you an invite! Sign up here: