Friends I Haven't Met Yet


["Friends I Haven't Met Yet" 8x10, sold] When my brother, Clay, walks into a room, he doesn't see strangers. He sees friends he hasn't met yet. Clay has such a great talent for instantly bonding with everyone he's around and making them feel like they've been friends for years. A few years ago he moved away to San Francisco all alone without knowing a soul. Now he has more friends than he can count and so many places where he's well loved. His goal in life is to make friends with every person on the planet. And knowing him, he really just might. I drew his name for Christmas, so I painted this for him (his favorite street that he took us down when we visited this summer). He calls me all the time while he's walking around the streets of San Francisco and this is how I picture him (the tall guy on the far right). On his way from work, off to help a friend move a washer, heading to Chinatown to find the perfect costume for an upcoming event, heading to a party... Of all the people who love him, I feel lucky to be one of the very first.