[“Red Chairs” 6x6, sold] Here’s the thing about being an artist. So much of your time is spent by yourself, sitting in your studio, making your art, at your computer running your business. It’s liberating in its freedom, but can be lonely in its isolation. I have found so much joy in gathering with other artists. I love talking to them about the nuances of our work, listening to their ideas, laughing about the balance of it all. The longer I go down this road, the more friends I’ve made, and they are such a gift. Sometimes friendship feels like your favorite restaurant. Some come and go briefly, but the regulars have “their” comfortable corner and stick around for a long time. As evidenced by my growing wall of Christmas cards, good friends (a full restaurant of relationships) have made my life so happy. Thank you to every one of you who have been a friend to me—old and new ❤️❤️