Sister Scoot

I can finally post some of my Christmas commissions! Here’s one that was so much fun to work on!


Repost from @cynthiaeggertz using @RepostRegramApp - No ski school for our tots, just a rockin dad that taught all 4 to shred the slopes. Amelie was three at the time, and learning to ski sans poles. Often she would get “stuck” on the flat parts of the run, with no poles to help push her along. That’s when her older sister stepped up and gave her a “sister scoot.” Amelie would grab the back of Ella’s legs, while Ella grunted and pushed their way along until they reached the pitch of the slope and zoomed away once more. This sweet memory was captured by the amazing Stephanie Hock @stephaniehockart

To me, it captures an awesome moment. A moment of sisterly love, a moment of helping someone out when they seem a little stuck, and a tribute to the man I love for instilling a love of the snow and slopes in each of my kids.

Thank you Stephanie for sharing your talent with us and capturing this magical moment.

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