Spring in His Step


[“Spring in His Step” 6x6, available at the @saltandhoneymarket]  Three days ago I was carrying a box of wooden trains down to the playroom and dragging a pop up tent behind me. I was thinking of the third basket of laundry I needed to grab from the laundry room so I could sit and fold before I went to bed. I misjudged the steps and suddenly I was falling down half a flight of steps landing in a heap at the bottom with a throbbing sprained ankle. And just like that, every plan I had for the rest of the week changed. Funny how you don’t appreciate the spring in your step until suddenly you can’t step. But it’s been very humbling to see how the family I usually spend most of my waking hours serving has come to my rescue and served me in all the ways I need. And especially at this time of year, I think service is the secret that makes this season so joyful. I’ve been humbled to see it firsthand.