["Pondering" 8x8, sold] My brother lives in San Francisco, and one of the ways we stay connected is by using an app called Voxer. It's like a walkie talkie and we can send long voice notes back and forth at our leisure. Because of the nature of how we communicate, he takes me with him on all these adventures. We're shopping together at a thrift store to find the perfect pants for a 60's party he's going to. We're walking to work and listening to street performers. We're in his apartment making dinner and trying a new recipe. I told him that while I always want updates on the big questions (work, dating, etc), in a lot of ways, it's much more rich, deep and meaningful when you know the details of people's lives instead of just the highlights or Christmas cards or Facebook posts. I love all the mundane, ordinary small moments. Which is really no shock, because the things I love to paint aren't staged and perfectly set up to look a certain way. They're just HAPPENING. This is what life gave me and I find the beauty in it. And wow, there is so much beauty in life everywhere I look. ❤️