This is Us


Do you guys watch the show "This Is Us"? Holy cow, that show! We're binge-watching before it starts again in a couple weeks and just watched as they bought their first house. She had visions of three cribs lined up under the window and it got me all choked up, cause that's happened to me. In our first house it was the carpet in the hallway and I saw little chubby baby feet learning to walk up and down that stretch. It happened--my twins logged miles of their first steps in that hallway. In my current house, it was the upstairs landing outside our bedrooms where I saw us kneeling for family prayer every night and my giant kitchen counter where I saw my kids doing their homework while I made dinner. These scenes happen so regularly now, but they still cause a lump in my throat sometimes when I remember how I saw it during those first walk-throughs. The places we live our days become such sacred spaces. And the places where our humanity intersects and those shared emotions and experiences tie us all together (regardless of our differences) are pretty sacred as well ❤️❤️ #thisisus #lifeisallofus