I delivered this commission over the weekend to good friends who just moved out of this home. They went on to a bigger and better home and I’m so happy for them. But even when that’s the case, it’s hard to leave our old spaces. I think it’s because a little bit of our dna stays behind in the places we’ve lived. All of our footprints are still layered into the floors, our faces reflect back in the mirrors, our hands own a little bit of that sink where we washed so many dishes, our muscles earned the walls we painted, grass we mowed, weeds we picked, projects we finished. When your baby takes their first steps in a room, that carpet is part of your story. For the rest of your life, you tell memories of things that happened in those spaces. It might have been someone else’s before and it might be someone else’s now, but for a season it belonged to our history, and therefore it will always be ours.