Big Sister


I painted her and sold it and painted her again and gave it to her for Christmas. She’s such a thoughtful big sister in our family and is so observant of everyone’s needs. On this particular day, we were at a park while my youngest son had soccer practice. The older three brought bikes and were riding around. But this brother was still getting the hang of a two-wheeler and very tippy. I looked up at one point and saw this scene: big sister willingly parking her own bike so she could help her little brother learn to ride. She ran all around the park with him like this, encouraging in his ear, telling him he could do it. When she finally got tired, her twin tagged her out and kept running with him. There’s something about that right? For all the people that come in and out of our lives, there’s nothing quite like those family members that have been running alongside us the whole way, holding on when we need it, cheering on when we succeed ❤️❤️.