Baseball Fun


Owen (age 6) also chose to paint a baseball theme, but he wanted a picture of him playing baseball. He liked this one of him getting ready to steal third. Once again, I drew it and painted the person and he did the underpainting and everything but the person. He especially liked if I painted a color on the dirt or grass and then he’d take a palette knife and scrape it around. We had a lot of fun playing with texture. When we had it pretty good, we stuck the painting upstairs on our mantle and then spent a couple days looking at it, thinking. We had conversations about value and made the dirt lighter. The player had a red shirt and we changed it to yellow to help it pop more against the darker values of green around it. Owen was the kid who was most excited to get his painting done first. He was mad I had other deadlines over the summer and couldn’t start as fast as he wanted. When we finally did work, he was a careful and precise painter and was giddy at how each block got filled in and finished. He liked making the ivy on the fence really dark so it looked like Wrigley Field and loved painting his dream of really being a baseball player who was playing at Wrigley (I love how art can make dreams and memories so real). Owen titled his painting, “Baseball Fun.” Come see it this Friday at Art Access Gallery from 6-9:00 pm!