Summer Joy


Last but not least, Lucy Jane (age 8). She picked this fun picture of herself as a little kid jumping on the tramp in the sprinklers and named it “Summer Joy” (so fitting). Lucy didn’t think she liked art, but as she got painting, she kept saying, “This is so fun!” I drew the picture, she painted the underpainting, I painted the person and she painted the rest. She loved discussing what colors things should be and thought it was funny to make the tramp purple. Once again, we discussed value and made changes. The tree line used to go up behind the person and we moved it lower to make the dark person stand out against the light sky. We made the green lighter behind the dark leg and darker behind the light leg. She loved painting the girl’s shadow on the tramp and was intrigued with the shape. But her favorite part was painting the sprinkler water and splashing white paint on our finished painting. My favorite part of painting with her was how we kept stealing the paintbrush out of each other’s hands (cause we got too excited to paint the next part) and how hard it made both of us laugh. This was such a fun experience with each of my kids and I loved having a chance to show them what I do and watch their faces light up with pride about the things they made. They did so great! Come hang out with us at the show this Friday from 6-9:00 at @artaccessgallery!