Wet Ducks


I have this feeling I’m entering my favorite stage of parenting. My twin girls are nine, my boys are six and five. We survived all those crazy baby/toddler years, everyone is potty trained! Everyone can get themselves ready in the morning, make their own lunches, buckle their own seatbelts. We really don’t use strollers anymore and no one darts in front of traffic or runs away from me in public. If we stay out late, they’re tired but not crying-tantrum-losing-it. If we go to a movie, I’m not strolling the halls with anyone, they stay in their seats and laugh. They’re so grown up, but still so small and sweet. They still think parents are the coolest people on the planet and choose family time over other things. They still love to cuddle with me and wrestle Dad on the floor, but they also wink and laugh with us when the world presents us with something funny (they get jokes!). They ask insightful questions and are patient enough to listen to answers and follow up with interesting thoughts. We can go to more mature events and they enjoy them. They help make dinner, unload the dishwasher, fold their own laundry. They take bike rides or runs with us and actually keep up. Who knew when you had kids that you’d really be creating your own posse of best friends to hang out with all day? Don’t get me wrong, they still fight (with us and each other) and we’re still all learning how to consistently be nice people. But I’m loving this chapter and savoring every day these little ducks still live under my roof. [“Wet Ducks” available this week at @utahartmarket!] (photo cred: @katrinaberg 😘😘)