Forget Your Shadow


It's so good to go on trips, and so good to come home, right? Here's one I painted last week, "Forget Your Shadow." It's amazing, as a parent, to watch your kids feel so much fear about things that are so easy for you (walking, going to kindergarten, jumping off the side of the pool, learning to ride a bike WITH training wheels... ). I see them get so fixed on their shadow, or their fear, that they can't enjoy the thing they're learning. I watch in frustration because I know how wonderful and strong they are and how capable they are of doing incredible things if they try. I whisper encouragement in their ears, try to give them tricks to distract them, try to make it fun, remind them how strong they are. And then there's a moment when it clicks. They forget all those fears, they DO it and they always end up LOVING it. The thing that was so awful turns out to be not so hard at all, but the pride of accomplishment stays for a long time. It's the best. I learn so much about life from my kids and it reminds me to forget my own fears and believe in myself a little bit more. We are stronger and more capable than we ever believe.