["Hometown" 16x16, available] I like supporting the local art in the city I live in, so I painted this painting for the Murray City Art Show which opens tomorrow at the Murray Library. Murray is the city I grew up in and I still love living here so much. I remember going to this Murray theater as a kid for the summer movies once a week. A clown from the fire station would pass out prizes at the beginning and I'd get a licorice rope that was taller than I was. I saw The Little Mermaid here on my 8th birthday and sobbed at the end cause she wouldn't get to live with her dad and sisters anymore (prince, schmince). There are some things about your hometown that change so much (like my high school in the background) and some things that don't change at all. But what I've always loved most about this place is the close-knit community of people who live here. I've met lots of the best people I know within these nine miles, and that is something I'm forever grateful for. The show hangs until Nov. 21st, check it out if you can!