Finding Balance


["Finding Balance" 11x14, available] This is a new one I just finished for the #135show this Saturday (@utahartmarket)! All the work is $100, $300 or $500, so there's something for everybody-- come join us! Sat. Nov. 5th, 5-9 pm, Sugarhouse Garden Center (1602 E. 2100 S., Salt Lake City). So often I feel like this is the theme of my life-- finding my balance. I coast for a good solid minute or two and then I'm back at square one trying to steady and find my center. I have three kids learning to balance on bikes right now and as I coach them, I can't help thinking that all these words are good advice for me too. Take deep breaths. Take it slow. Find your rhythym. Don't worry about how fast anyone else is going. Tell yourself you can do this. Learning is a long road, every step gets you a little closer. You're doing great! Wouldn't it be great if we all had someone jogging next to us in life reminding us of all these truths?