In Between


["In Between" 11x14, available TONIGHT at the #135show @utahartmarket! Come say hello!] I get asked a lot how I would classify my work, and sometimes I struggle with the answer. Impressionist cityscapes is the most broad description I usually use, but does that encompass my paintings of children or the occasional still life or landscape I do? Do the beaches count as cities? At the Zions Bank show the other night, a person walked up to my booth, stared for a couple minutes, and then turned to me and said, "You really are a student of humanity aren't you? I can tell you enjoy watching people and your paintings are really a slice of life." I've been pondering that comment a lot and loved how true it is. All artists are inherently observers, but I specifically watch for the stories of people and that's what I'm drawn to paint. Whether the figures are young or old, whether I'm assigning personalities to fruit or trees, whether it's a deep story or something light and fun, I love being "a student of humanity." When I started, I'd paint things because they were beautiful, but the longer I paint the more I feel these stories I want to tell that hit on stronger emotions, even when it's just a kid swimming in floaties. Can we come up with a new name for that? Peoplescapes? Lifescapes? Humanscapes? If I just call them Hockscapes can that encompass it all?