At Your Side Forever


["At Your Side Forever" 10x10, available at Art Access on 9/16] I was thinking about my siblings as I painted this one. Did you know I have six brothers and sisters? It was a fun way to grow up-- always plenty of friends, lots of inside jokes, lots of laughing. We were so innocent and carefree back then. And then we grew up and got handed a lot of grown up stuff to deal with in all of our different lives. It's hard and real and sometimes I long for those simple, silly days when we were kids. But I love how the thirty-plus years we've spent together have made us each other's most loyal, supportive allies. We know each other's past and we'll be here for each other's futures. And when someone has choppy water to swim through, we will be there right next to them, kicking along until we find the calm again.