["Safe" 10x10, available at Art Access on 9/16]  A couple years ago, I wanted a fun challenge, so I told people to send me their photos or use the hashtag #paintingsforsteph and I would try to paint as many of them as I could. I got so many that I didn't have time to paint them all, but I've held on to some favorites, like this one from my friend @nikiguevara of her son playing baseball. Isn't it a fun shot she captured? It was such a challenge to paint that cloud of dust behind the players, but I was happy with how it came together in the end. And I always love painting the shapes of shadows on clothing and putting colors into the reflected light. I love my job so much. And if you have any photos you think would make fun paintings, feel free to tag them #paintingsforsteph! It may take me awhile, but it sure is fun to paint more than just what I capture with my camera.