["Observing" 8x10, available at Art Access until 10/14] I've written about it before, but it's crazy to me how much my world changes every season. It feels like right as we're getting comfortable with one routine, everything shifts and we have to start from square one again. I have two daughters in first grade this year and a son in preschool, which means I only have my tiniest two-year old hanging out with me sometimes. It's different, and very peaceful in a good way. I used to paint in the afternoons right before dinner, but if I did that now, I'd never see my kids and I wasn't okay with that. So, I'm adjusting to painting in the mornings and helping with homework in the afternoon, trying to find our footing in this new rhythym. There's no perfect solution for every family, but being flexible and rolling with the punches have sure helped me work with mine. We keep experimenting with solutions until one feels right. And, naturally, as soon as that one is working perfectly, it will probably all change again. But c'est la vie, right? And as chaotic as it is, I LOVE this life of growing a family and growing an art business side by side. I feel so fulfilled and happy in both worlds and that makes it all worth it.