Zion Art Society


["Connecting" 24x36, available at Anthony's Fine Art]  I'm honored that this painting is hanging in a fun group show called the "Zion Art Exhibition" by the Zions Art Society. It's a collection of work from LDS artists, both established and emerging. The show will be up at Anthony's Fine Art (401 S. 200 E., Salt Lake City, UT) until October 15, great timing for anyone in town for #ldsconf! I love my Mormon faith so much, it influences everything I do. And although I don't always paint overly religious subjects, I feel God's hand so much as I create.  There are often very spiritual undertones to these stories. I believe the beauty God puts on the earth is a gift to us, to help us through all that is hard about life. And I'm so inspired by the many artists (like several in this show) who find and share that beauty through art.