1810 Snow Angel VIII 10x10.jpg

I've been thinking lately about angels. I wonder about people I love who are on the other side and if they help me with my life or protect me and my family. I don't know all the answers to that. But I do know there are angels everywhere on this side. I see them in the people who drive my kids to soccer games while I'm at an art show (last night). I see them in listening ears who help me feel like I'm not so alone (yesterday afternoon). I see them in my mother who gives and gives and then, when I still call, she gives again (all month). I see them in my husband who sacrifices things to serve me and make me happy (everyday). Today I saw an angel in a thoughtful friend who brought this gorgeous bouquet of spring flowers to me just because. Life is so good and also sometimes really hard. I'm convinced one of the reasons we are here is to be each other's guardian angels and show as much love to each other as possible. (P.S. Thank you to whoever bought this painting at my solo show today! I am so grateful to everyone who has been to see it in person or online. It's hanging until the end of May! You can see more details or my online catalog here: