New in 2019!


I got interviewed recently and asked what things I’m excited for in 2019. Here are three: 1️⃣ I have a new studio! I have double the workspace as well as my computer/printer/desk in my studio now. It is awesome and I am already feeling increased productivity as I jump around from project to project. 2️⃣ I have a pile of books about figure drawing that I’m excited to read/work through! I somehow never took this class in all my art background and I’ve wanted to get better at it for some time now. Hooray for always learning! 3️⃣ At the end of last year I painted something from an aerial perspective and it was so interesting to me. I’d like to keep playing more with this composition angle, and have already started a few new ones. Hopefully I can buy a drone camera at some point and really get some cool shots! ❤️ Thanks @15bytes @utahartists and @emilylarsenart for the feature! You can read the article here: