First Dip


I got asked to paint this sweet picture of these little twins first dip into the ocean. I was painting the shapes of their little bodies and it brought back all my memories of holding my babies—how they’d slump into a crescent curve, how one stray leg would stretch long and straight, how I’d use my body to support their heads but lean them out to show them the world. We were JUST barely there, this family of four, these new parents who were just as clueless as the babies we held. It’s amazing how fast it goes (as we all say). Our twin girls are nine and tonight we’re taking just the two of them downtown to see their first broadway show (Wicked 💚💚). We’re still the same four-pack, but older and wiser, each of us. And I love every single day that has shaped our lives, the sweetness of back then, the mature things we get to enjoy now. Life is full of so many first dips and it’s wonderful to hold hands with people you love as you experience them. ❤️ [“First Dip” 6x6, sold]