Zions Art Show


I had so much fun at the Zions Bank Art Show last night! I was especially honored to be the featured artist this year! It was so fun to see my painting on the invitations and name tags and signs all night. I still feel like there’s a young girl inside of me that wasn’t sure anything she painted would ever be good enough to show anyone. And then you have a night like this that just marks how far down the road I’ve come. It’s so humbling. I loved talking to people all night and hearing collectors tell me how my paintings have changed their spaces. Buying art is such an investment in yourself, in your own future happiness every time you see it, and it’s a privilege to play any small role in that. My heart is full ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you to everyone at @zionsbank!! #zionsbankartshow




 [“Variety” 6x6, available at the #135show on 11/10!] October has been such a busy month for me getting ready for fall shows! Every year I tell myself I’ll use my summer better to get ready for the busy fall art season. And every summer I paint some, but I’m also so busy making memories with my kids that I don’t get in my studio as much as I think. C’est la vie, right? But honestly, my kids are growing way too fast as it is and I wouldn’t trade a minute of the time. When I start counting how many summers I have left of their childhood, I just want to scoop them all close and not let go. But I have also found there is beauty in each stage of growth and I trust that will continue even when my babies are adults and I have all the studio time I want. 🌱💐🌷🍂



Getting #inktoberday3 done right under the radar! I appreciate the good husband battling kids on making lunches and brushing teeth so I can have a quiet space to think after a long day. Kind of like this girl with her feet up for a moment. There’s all the doing in life and it’s so great, but the older i get, the more I’m grateful for the quiet moments when I stop and sit still ❤️ #inktober #inktober2018



I was snapping pictures in Millennium Park in Chicago, when I came around a corner and saw this guy. I was so struck by his confidence, by the way he just exuded poise. He was gracious enough to let me take his picture, looking me right in the eye, with so much sureness it caught me off guard. I walked away and couldn’t stop thinking about him, couldn’t wait to paint him, as if maybe some of that poise would rub off on me if I did. #inktober #inktober2018

Summer Joy


Last but not least, Lucy Jane (age 8). She picked this fun picture of herself as a little kid jumping on the tramp in the sprinklers and named it “Summer Joy” (so fitting). Lucy didn’t think she liked art, but as she got painting, she kept saying, “This is so fun!” I drew the picture, she painted the underpainting, I painted the person and she painted the rest. She loved discussing what colors things should be and thought it was funny to make the tramp purple. Once again, we discussed value and made changes. The tree line used to go up behind the person and we moved it lower to make the dark person stand out against the light sky. We made the green lighter behind the dark leg and darker behind the light leg. She loved painting the girl’s shadow on the tramp and was intrigued with the shape. But her favorite part was painting the sprinkler water and splashing white paint on our finished painting. My favorite part of painting with her was how we kept stealing the paintbrush out of each other’s hands (cause we got too excited to paint the next part) and how hard it made both of us laugh. This was such a fun experience with each of my kids and I loved having a chance to show them what I do and watch their faces light up with pride about the things they made. They did so great! Come hang out with us at the show this Friday from 6-9:00 at @artaccessgallery!


Baseball Fun


Owen (age 6) also chose to paint a baseball theme, but he wanted a picture of him playing baseball. He liked this one of him getting ready to steal third. Once again, I drew it and painted the person and he did the underpainting and everything but the person. He especially liked if I painted a color on the dirt or grass and then he’d take a palette knife and scrape it around. We had a lot of fun playing with texture. When we had it pretty good, we stuck the painting upstairs on our mantle and then spent a couple days looking at it, thinking. We had conversations about value and made the dirt lighter. The player had a red shirt and we changed it to yellow to help it pop more against the darker values of green around it. Owen was the kid who was most excited to get his painting done first. He was mad I had other deadlines over the summer and couldn’t start as fast as he wanted. When we finally did work, he was a careful and precise painter and was giddy at how each block got filled in and finished. He liked making the ivy on the fence really dark so it looked like Wrigley Field and loved painting his dream of really being a baseball player who was playing at Wrigley (I love how art can make dreams and memories so real). Owen titled his painting, “Baseball Fun.” Come see it this Friday at Art Access Gallery from 6-9:00 pm! 


A Cubs Playing


Dallin (age 4) chose to paint Wrigley Field for his painting with me. We took him there for the first time this summer and now he and his brother are ALL baseball ALL the time. He wanted the painting to show the pitcher, batter and his favorite Cubs player, Anthony Rizzo, who plays first base. I drew the picture, he painted the underpainting, I painted the people and he painted the grass and dirt (and kept thinking it was really funny to paint outside of all my carefully drawn lines). Dallin is a crack up and he made me laugh the whole time we painted. His favorite layer was the underpainting and by the final touches he was way more interested in his toys then working with me 😂. He named his painting “A Cubs Playing” and I love every inch of it. Come see it at @artaccessgallery this Friday! #backtoschoolartshow


Back to School Show


I’m excited to let you guys know about a project I’ve been working on! I got invited to be part of a show where the artists create works of art WITH their children. I asked my kids if they were interested and they started jumping up and down squealing. They each picked out something they wanted to paint and we’ve been working on them together, step by step. Mark your calendars for the opening on Sept. 21 at @artaccessgallery (6-9:00 pm)! These four are SO excited to stand by their art and tell you all about their paintings ❤️❤️❤️❤️